Deploying a Nitrogen application on Heroku
02 Jul 2014

##Nitrogen is simple and powerful

Do you know Nitrogen? Have a look at the demos.

Nitrogen is a very elegant way of developping web applications. It is event-based, and seamlessly integrate client side and server side in some smooth erlang/elixir code.

I work on a couple projects currently. One is the usual Ruby on Rails, Angular, CoffeeScript stack like we do now. The other is Nitrogen + DynamoDB.

On the former, I keep hopping from language to language, framework to framework, enabling one layer to talk to the other. On the latter, I just write Erlang for both client and server. Nitrogen takes care of the rest. I love that.

But Rails can be so easily deployed and scaled on Heroku. I wanted the same for my Nitrogen app.

A quick Google search came up with not much; I guess it was a job for me!

##Hummmph, that was easy

Here is a skeleton project cstar/nitrogen-on-heroku with Cowboy as the webserver. How to use :

  1. Pull cstar/nitrogen-on-heroku
  2. Write your awesome Nitrogen app
  3. Create the Heroku app heroku create --buildpack git://
  4. Push your app to Heroku git push heroku master
  5. ET VOILA!

What is remarkable about cstar/nitrogen-on-heroku?

I generated the template from Nitrogen with make rel_cowboy, took the generated site directory and :

Feel free to adapt to your own liking.

Note that deployment fetches and rebuilds all the dependencies. Everytime. I do have a fork of the “official” erlang buildpack which stores deps in the Heroku cache. Fetch it at your own risk, as it’s outdated.

Thank you for your visit!

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